London’s New Year’s Day Parade is set to celebrate all things ‘Showtime’ in 2018. To mark the official theme for our parade, we are excited to announce a wild variety of Giant Helium Balloons, custom made for January 1st.

The designs for each balloon have been carefully drawn up and they are now in their production phase. The inflatables will be floating several meters into the London skies as they are carried by an expert team of balloon handlers throughout the 2.2 mile parade route.



The theme, ‘Showtime’, will conjure traditional forms of entertainment such as the Victorian ‘Strongman’ and our very own ‘Cleo’ the Clown, along with circus animals of all shapes and sizes. Each character will tower above 500,000 spectators on January 1st,  kick-starting the new year in style.


These fantastic balloons are being created by Megaflatables, expert balloon makers, responsible for designing and constructing giant helium balloons for some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious events.

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