Three fantastic bands from across the pond have confirmed their participation in London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2018.

Palm Springs High ‘Spirit of the Sands’ Marching Band hail from the sunny state of California. They are the official band of the city of Palm Springs and are proud to represent city, state and country wherever they perform. More than ninety percent of the band members are on the honour role and ninety five percent graduate continue to college / university.

‘Spirit Winds’ Marching Band are the first High School band in the USA to have marched in a Pride Parade. They are the official band of the city of Palm Springs. The ‘one of a kind’ band program and their students have performed around the world include, New Zealand, Australia, France, Italy, China, Taiwan and Sweden to name a few.




The Charlottesville High School Band are bases in Charlottesville, Virginia. The area is home to three former United States Presidents, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe. The area is a cultural hub for music and literature. They are one of the most decorated bands in the states and they thrive on a deep passion for music and art.

The brand program consists of seven different large performing ensembles. They join with the orchestra and choir to form two additional ensembles throughout the school year. The marching band is a competitive, voluntary activity for which students practice throughout the school day.


Charlottesville 3


Verrado High School Marching Band are located in the beautiful suburb of Buckeye, Arizona called Verrado. It is a supportive, friendly, fun-loving community that is family oriented and supportive of education.

Verrado have a proud history and culture in their program. They are considered as contributing to the spirit and life of their school and community. The school opened in 2006 with only a Freshman class. At it’s inception the marching band only had 9 student but 11 years later it now boast a number that totals 100.

Verrado Action 3

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