Virtual Site Inspection – Marching Band – Merchandise

LNYDP Merchandise

LNYDP has a wide range of Merchandise and all items sold are now completely PLASTIC FREE!

LNYDP Merchandise typically consists of branded LNYDP:

  • T-Shirt’s 
  • Sweatshirt’s 
  • Beanie Hats 
  • The World Famous Alfie Puppy
  • Bamboo Keepcups 

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! (Have a peek below) or visit 

Please Note: Every performing participant receives x1 free LNYDP T-Shirt as part of their package.

How are where to purchase LNYDP Merchandise:

  • LNYDP Online Shop: You can order, all year round, via our online shop –
  • Pop Up Shops: Pop Up Shops will be taking place during your stay in London. Your Tour Assistant will inform you when and where they will be taking place. Every group will have access to a Pop Up Shop at least once during their trip

(Should you and any member of your group be unable to make/attend the Pop Up Shop, please speak to your Tour Assistant who will be able to take you order / order for you)

  • Bulk Pre-orders: If your group would like to order a large quantity of items and save postage and packing costs, we can arrange to have your order delivered to your hotel prior to your arrival in London. This only applies to bulk order of any one specific item

Contact for all Merchandise Enquiries: 

Joe Bone – [email protected]