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Our Media Moments 

LNYDP is a global media phenomenon, why not use it to: 

  • Boost your profile
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Say “thank you” to your supporters / parents / boosters

Parade LIVE in your news networks? 

  • Full coverage is available to your local news networks free of charge – its is up to you to persuade them there is an audience wanting to watch it!


Have you got a story?

The parade TV team is filming in the US this fall, featuring bands with a story to tell the world – ask them to come to you.


 CNN Coverage of LNYDP 



Social Media


  • Making the most of your Social Media channels is vital to letting your community know that you’re coming to London.
  • It allows people at home to see what you’re doing in the UK and allows you to see your preparation for your trip.
  • Keep up-to-date with everything LNYDP related through social media.

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