In pictures: London’s New Year’s Day parade- BBC

In pictures: London’s New Year’s Day parade

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A performer dressed as a Stormtrooper break-dancesIMAGE SOURCE,REUTERS

A performer dressed as a Stormtrooper break dances in the parade

Thousands of people have lined central London’s streets for the New Year’s Day Parade.

The event saw 8,000 performers dance their way from Green Park to the Palace of Westminster on Monday.

Giant inflatables, marching bands, cheerleaders, Stormtroopers, community groups and donkeys joined the the two-mile (3.2km) parade route.

Joe Bone, director of the parade said: “We always have a blast on New Year’s Day.”

Performers in a band wear colourful outfitsIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA

Bands spread good cheer down the capital’s streets

Performers in colourful costumes and wigsIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA

Sequins and glitter took centre stage

Cheerleaders mid performanceIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA

Groups travelled from across the globe to perform in the parade

Performers travel from around the world to take part in the display, with sequins and cultural dress proving a hit with the crowds.

The event has been taking place since 1987 but was cancelled in 2021 due to the Covid pandemic.

It returned to its full glory last year, with this year’s display bringing a return of the show-stopping sparkles.

Crowds cheered as performers danced their way from Piccadilly, heading east to Piccadilly Circus, before moving south down Regent Street and St James’s, passing Pall Mall, to the finish point at Westminster.

Dancers in colourful sequinned outfits performIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA

Thousands of performers took part in the parade

Donkeys with baskets of flowers walk down London's streetsIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA

Even some donkeys were included in the performance

Performers dance down the streetIMAGE SOURCE,REUTERS
Stormtroopers dance in front of the crowdIMAGE SOURCE,REUTERS
A performer in a pink sequined costumeIMAGE SOURCE,PA MEDIA
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