London Borough Competition Entry Form

London Borough Competition Entry Form

‘London Loves Life’

Your London Borough needs you!

Do you want to represent your local London Borough, performing to 650,000 spectators LIVE and a further 455 million viewers Globally, whilst having the chance to win cash prizes for local charities chosen by your London Borough?

If yes, please contact your ‘Local Mayor’s office’ (CLICK HERE) to represent YOUR LONDON BOROUGH at LNYDP 2020 or contact [email protected] so that we can ensure that your offer, suggestion, or request is placed in front of the Mayor of your London Borough.

Once selected by your Mayor’s Office, please complete and submit the ‘London Borough Competition Entry Form’ below and please read below should you need any inspiration for your London Borough entry into LNYDP 2020!

Discover more about the benefits of entering your local Borough and performance group into LNYDP - (CLICK HERE)

Ideas for LNYDP 2020 'London Borough Competition' (Participants / Performance Groups)

You can walk, skip, jump, cartwheel, or even somersault the parade route, dressed in colourful costumes!
You could RIDE the Parade route on your very own Horse, Elephant or you might prefer to travel by BMX or Penny Farthing! In fact, why not Roller Skate around the iconic London Landmarks in glorious costumes channeling Starlight Express, wowing the crowds
Why not DRIVE the Parade in iconic motor cars made famous by great car show and races, think Le Mans, Monster Trucks, Crash Derbies right through to Steamers and Steam Engines. Perhaps even jump on the back of a motorbike and roar through the Parade with cheering crowds waving you on. Maybe even create and decorate your own Parade float to carry you elegantly along the Parade route, we hear Paper-Mache creations can be fun too and they do look oh so good!
FLY the Parade route on a magnificent Kite, maybe even take to the skies on a Giant Helium Balloon, simply flying up, up and away.
If you are a Music and Dance group, think iconic stage shows from West End and Broadway, with spectacular singing and dancing on mass! Or even channel the greatest Ballet performances at the Royal Opera House and perform them along the iconic LNYDP Parade route

We strongly encourage all London Borough Participants/Performance Groups to be creative, professional, colourful and to express your Performance Groups interpretation of ‘London Loves Life’

Deadline for the ‘London Borough Competition Entry Form’ – Midnight, 2nd September 2019.

Please contact LNYDP should you require help getting in touch with your ‘Local Mayor’s Office’ or should you need any help or advice with regards to your entry, be it ideas and inspiration or production enquiries Please contact ​[email protected] / 0203 275 0194