London’s New Year’s Day Parade is bursting back with the most fun a family can have over the festive period – and it’s totally free.

Hundreds of thousands will join us in the miles of free standing zones along the route – and are being urged to arrive early (by 11am) to secure a good place to watch.

Following two years of curbs from Covid restrictions the annual turn-of-year tradition is returning to the streets of London in all its glory.

More than 8,000 performers, representing 20 nations, will fill the West End with culture, colour, spectacular entertainment, and amazing music.

Parade Director, Joe Bone, believes that this year the event will bring a much needed lift to all, even those struggling with the financial crisis.

“We are all in it together.” said Joe. “The parade, which starts at 12 Noon, can be enjoyed by communities across the Capital – and on TV around the World – it’s our gift to London so make sure you get there early.”

The route runs from Piccadilly to Parliament Square, via Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall.