Mini Motors & Musical Marchers for LNYDP 2020

Over 8.000 participants will march through London on New Year’s Day. Here are the latest performance groups confirmed for LNYDP 2020.

Parkview High School Marching Band

From Atlanta, Georgia, the Parkview Marching Band is proud to be a participant in London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2020. Founded in 1976, Parkview High School is a large urban upper secondary school with 3,200 students. Our comprehensive program fields a 180 member marching band, colourguard, four concert ensembles. three percussion ensembles, jazz band, chamber ensembles and a full symphony orchestra.

We pride ourselves not only for our competitive accolades but the culture of family, respect and success we have fostered within our community. We are proud to represent the State of Georgia as we introduce our students to “life across the pond”.

The Parkview Band program is the recipient of the coveted ‘Sudler Flag of Honour’, an internationally recognised award given to programs that have demonstrated particularly significant high standards of excellence in concert activities over a period of several years.

London & Surrey Mini Owners Club (LSMOC)

We are the London and Surrey Mini Owners Club (LSMOC), organisers of the World famous London to Brighton Mini Run! The LSMOC is a Mini members club, run by members, for our members and we welcome anyone and everyone.

All of our members are Mini enthusiasts, who believe that the Mini is a true icon of British workmanship and most definitely an icon of London. Therefore, what better way to showcase the iconic Mini, than by taking part in LNYDP 2020!

This year we are also delighted to be welcoming ‘small car BIG CITY’ to join us along the LNYDP Parade route!

The London to Brighton Mini run was attended by in excess of 2,500 Minis! Every year this Mini run just keeps on growing and is now arguably the ‘Largest one make car show in the World’.

FAKI – the Kimbanguist Brass Band 

FAKI – the Kimbanguist Brass Band is a London based African band. We are part of the Kimbanguist Church founded by Simon Kimbangu, a peaceful activist in the colonial era.

The Kimbanguist Brass Band was formed in 1993 in the UK and is comprised of members aged 5 to 70, all of whom are united by their passion for music and their deep willing to spread joyful vibes through their unique and happy sounds! We truly love to perform as a band and have a great time in doing so.

LNYDP 2020 will mark the band’s 10th anniversary of performing at LNYDP! Therefore to celebrate, we will also be performing in the ‘LNYDP Concert Series’, that runs parallel to LNYDP.

The turn-of-year tradition, much loved across the Capital and around the World, is eagerly anticipated by participants, tourists and television viewers alike.

The annual event will be the 34th to light up London and will once again generate many hundreds of millions of pounds for businesses, hotels and restaurants along the route.

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