LNYDP Balloons Announced for January 1st 2019!

We are excited to announce our bespoke LNYDP Balloons for London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2019! The wonderful team at Megaflatables have been working on some custom made designs for the 2019 theme, ‘London Welcomes the World‘.

We caught up with John from Megaflatables to discuss what our lucky spectators can expect to see on January 1st 2019! 

LNYDP Bandsman Balloon

The LNYDP Bandsman Balloon brilliantly represent all the amazing marching bands who take part so wonderfully in LNYDP! What better way to show London welcoming the World than by flying a giant Bandsman balloon high over the streets of London, showcasing all the wonderful marching bands from all over the World, who will take part and have taken part in in LNYDP!

London Black Taxi Balloon

Is there a better example to showcase London than the amazing London Black Taxi? The London Black Taxi regularly welcomes visitors from all over the World to London and come January 1st, the LNYDP Black Taxi Balloon will be welcoming the World to London in spectacular style!

London Red Telephone Box Balloon

The Red Telephone Box balloon has been chosen as it represents and symbolises London perfectly to the watching World! An iconic London symbol, the Red Telephone Box has popped up in numerous countries far and wide and in many different examples of Popular culture, One Direction’s ‘Take Me Home’ album cover being just one! London really will be calling out to the rest of the World come January 1st 2019.

LNYDP Globe Balloon

With the theme for LNYDP 2019 being ‘London Welcomes the World’, what better way to showcase this than by commissioning a giant Globe balloon to fly high over the streets of London! This Globe balloon shows London really does welcome the World and by flying this through the Parade, every Country in the World will be represented at LNYDP 2019.

The LNYDP team will announce new participants for London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2019 throughout the next few months! So stay tuned to our TwitterFacebook and Instagram accounts for the latest news from London’s New Year’s Day Parade.

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