Rare Breed of Entertainer Confirmed for LNYDP 2020!

We are delighted to confirm three new participants for LNYDP 2020.

All the Queens Horses

All the Queens Horses are a group dedicated to celebrating horses and giving horses the recognition that they deserve!

This year for LNYDP 2020, we will be bringing 60 carefully selected horses from all over the UK and 225 volunteers to ride and look after these wonderful animals! All the volunteers and horses will be celebrating the LNYDP theme, ‘London Loves Life’, and we truly hope that by bringing horses to the masses, these wonderful animals will get the recognition that they deserve all over the World.

‘London Loves Life’ is a perfect theme for All the Queens Horses and our life-long dedication to caring for these beautiful animals, provides us with an enormous sense of purpose. Horses may have played a more pivotal role within the capital in years gone by, however, they continue to be ever present, from Buckingham Palace to working alongside the Metropolitan Police.

Edward C. Reed High School 

The 2020 Reed Raider Band is a collection of students from the Edward C. Reed High School music program in the town of Sparks, Nevada. The fall program consists of 100 students that live in the Sparks Nevada area. Edward C. Reed HS attended the LNYDP in 1992 and we are excited to return.

During the summer months, temperatures in Sparks reach a staggering 106 degrees Fahrenheit. Band practice will often commence early morning to ensure band members aren’t working the stifling desert heat!

Skaters for LNYDP 2020 

We are a dedicated group of skating enthusiasts that try to promote the wonderful World of skating as best we can! We love it and want to promote our hobby to as many people as possible, in a bid to build on our diverse group of passionate skaters!

However this year, in keeping with the LNYDP theme, ‘London Loves Life’, we are embracing everything we love about life. We love to skate through the Capital and it makes life that bit more exciting. This year we will be rolling on all forms of wheels, be it Skateboarding, Electric Boarding, Cycling or even Roller Skating!

Despite our members being predominantly amateur skaters, we also have an ex-professional roller derby skater and we challenge the audience to spot which one of us is an ex-pro!

The turn-of-year tradition, much loved across the Capital and around the World, is eagerly anticipated by participants, tourists and television viewers alike.

The annual event will be the 34th to light up London and will once again generate many hundreds of millions of pounds for businesses, hotels and restaurants along the route.

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