New Participants Announced for LNYDP 2020

Three more participants have been announced for London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2020. The iconic London Pearly Kings & Queens Society, Donkey Breed Society and Glenbrook High School Spartan Marching Band are preparing to celebrate 2020 with us on January 1st. Find out more about these fantastic participants in their own words.

London Pearly Kings & Queens Society

The London Pearly Kings and Queens Society are an organised charitable tradition, committed to raising money for all London-based charities. At LNYDP 2020 we will, once again, proudly represent London with a number of Pearly Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and a gorgeous ‘Pearly Pug’!

The iconic garb of the Pearly Kings and Queens, decorated with mother-of-pearl buttons, was first associated with Henry Croft (the founder Pearly King) in 1861. As an orphan street sweeper, Croft created the Pearly suit to draw attention to himself, in order to aid his charitable fund-raising activities.

The Spartan Band

The Spartan Band is proud to represent Northbrook, Illinois. including the school and community throughout the year. Performing at school concerts, community events, and in competitions, we love sharing our music and talent with others. In the past 25 years the band has traveled to perform in Scotland, Costa Rica Hawaii, Italy and Norway. Sharing our art with others around the World is a big part of what we do.

The diversity of opportunity in the Glenbrook North Music Program is our strength. Students of the band also perform with the Glenbrook Symphony Orchestra, Musical Pits, Jazz Ensembles, Chamber Ensembles and perform popular music as part of an annual variety show. Many of the students are also heavily involved in acting through our theatre program and vocal performance as part of the choir program.

Donkey Breed Society

As a Society, we aim to improve knowledge, improve care, management and highlight the versatility and beauty of the Donkey. Our aims as charitable society are very simple:

  • To preserve and improve the standard of Donkeys
  • To prevent ALL cruelty to Donkeys
  • To promote and finance research into all maters relating to the Donkey

LNYDP is therefore a hugely . important event for the Donkey Breed Society, as it gives us a safe and Global platform to showcase the wonderful Donkey.

The first Donkey Breed Society President was Reginald Summerhays in 1967, a highly esteemed campion of Donkeys within the equine World. Since then, the Donkey Breed Society has gone from strength to strength, celebrating its 50th Anniversary in style at LNYDP 2017. Our society motto lives on, ‘a busy donkey is a happy donkey’.

The turn-of-year tradition, much loved across the Capital and around the World, is eagerly anticipated by participants, tourists and television viewers alike.

The annual event will be the 34th to light up London and will once again generate many hundreds of millions of pounds for businesses, hotels and restaurants along the route.

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