The London Borough of Enfield present A Feast of Community Arts 20 Glorious Years of Art Start in Westminster today (01/01/16) during the London New Years Day Parade, the annual event which raises much needed funds for charities chosen by all of the London Boroughs attracted massive crowds to mark the start of 2016, marching bands, cheerleaders and performers travelled from the United States of America to take part in the parade alongside participants from the UK including World renowned illusionist from Winnipeg, Canada Darcy Oake, a Britains Got Talent finallist who performed a death defying escapology in Whitehall - Image © Matt Sprake Photography (07770 365302)


At the very heart of London’s New Year’s Day Parade are the fabulous displays and performances given by representatives of each of London’s Boroughs all hoping to win the coveted charity cash prizes that are donated by LNYDP every year to help local charities chosen by each Borough
All Borough entries are under the auspices of the office of the Mayor or equivalent in each Borough. Normally the organisers work with the Mayors’ offices and council officers in each Borough towards the organisation of a Borough entry. If would like to participate in the parade and you think you have something to offer your Borough then contact Lizzie Bone on who will ensure that your offer, suggestion, or request is placed in front of the Mayor or the person responsible for the creation of the entry from your Borough.