LNYDP… ’Roll Up, Roll Up To The Greatest Show on Earth – It’s ‘SHOWTIME’!

Strike up the band, set the lights and get ready to raise the curtains – London prepare to be entertained at the turn of the year – at London’s New Year’s Day Parade.


This year LNYDP is looking for entries that will fill the audience with wonder, awe, amazement and excitement! Here are a few ideas to get you started…

Think Entertainment, Theatre, Concert, Spectacular Colour, Glitz, Glamour, think ‘SHOWTIME’! You can walk, skip, jump, cartwheel, even somersault the parade route. You can do this dressed in wonderful and colourful costumes! We are encouraging all participants to be creative and to express your interpretation of ‘SHOWTIME’.

You can choose to RIDE the Parade route on your very own Horse, Elephant or you might prefer to travel by BMX or Penny Farthing! Why not Roller Skate around the iconic London Landmarks in glorious costumes channelling Starlight Express, wowing the crowds.


Why not DRIVE the Parade in iconic motor cars made famous by great car show and races, think Le Mans, Monster Trucks, Crash Derbies right through to steamers. Perhaps even jump on the back of a motorbike and roar through the Parade with cheering crowds waving you on.

You might even like to FLY the Parade route on a magnificent Kite, or take to the skies on a Giant Helium Balloon, simply fly up, up and away!


If you are a music and dance group, think historic stage shows from West End, Broadway, VEGAS, spectacular singing and dancing on mass! Or you could channel the greatest concert of all time, Woodstock, or even the greatest Ballet performances at the Royal Opera House.

There truly is something for everyone in LNYDP 2018. Please make sure that your entry is able to wow the crowds and be truly spectacular, leaving the World in awe of what we know will be, ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’.

Please make sure to send us your Entry Forms by 1st August 2017. If you would like to run any ideas / questions past members of the LNYDP team, please contact us on:

Telephone: 0203 275 0190 (ext 194) or Email: joe@lnydp.com