We are excited to announce that the London Borough of Hounslow will be participating in London’s New Year’s Day Parade 2018.

Every year, on January 1st, Borough’s from across the capital, enter a parade float or performance with the hop if winning thousands of pounds for their Mayor’s chosen charity. Hounslow will hope to push on in 2018 and claim top spot. The Borough’s performances are arranged in conjunction with the annual parade theme, which this year is ‘Showtime – Roll Up, Roll Up, The Greatest Show on Earth‘.

Hounslow’s entry, ‘Hounslow’s Kind of Magic‘, will present a rhapsody of music, theatre bringing together a bohemian collaboration of residents from the Borough.The entry was inspired by one of Hounslow’s most famous residents, Freddie Mercury, from the World famous rock band, Queen.

The entry has been crafted with the help of the Tamil Foundation, O’Connor Dancers, Aluminae Dance Company, Outside the Box Dance Company and the Red Routemaster Bus Company.

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