The next group of international participants for LNYDP 2018 have been announced. We are excited to be welcoming three Marching Bands from the United States of America to London on January 1st.

LeHigh University is set in the idyllic LeHigh Valley that can be found in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The university’s historic ‘Marching 97’ band were founded in 1906 and have been an essential part of LeHigh University, priding itself on being one of the largest student led marching bands in the world.

The Marching Band have developed a tradition of bursting into University classrooms playing ‘fight songs’ as a way of motivating their peers in the run up to a big sporting occasion. This is an event that has become eagerly anticipated by the student population and is now known as ‘Eco-Flame’.

Lehigh Marching Band 3


The Troy High School ‘Marching Trojans’ hail from Troy, Ohio. Troy is a small but proud community in the southwestern part of the state. 2018 will mark the 5th time the band have played in London and they are very experienced in playing in several locations across America, including the Thanksgiving Day Parade in Chicago.

The band host several fundraisers throughout the year to fund their trips and appearances at events. They can also boast 36 consecutive appearances at State Marching Band Finals, which means they are only one of four high schools in the Ohio to hold that honour.

Troy High School Trojan Marching Band6


The Oak Grove High School Marching Band and Colourguard are from, sunny, San Jose, California, USA, which is set in the heart of, world famous, Silicon Valley. The band are a diverse group of musicians and performers that focus on creating a celebratory atmosphere everywhere they go.

The band are well traveled, performing across Europe including London and Madrid, Spain. The band aim to perform over 60 times each year and they encourage students of all musical ability to take part.

Oak Grove High School Marching Band 3


Stay up to date for more participant announcements in the coming weeks via the LNYDP website. For more information about the newly announced bands, visit our participants page – READ MORE